Are wet floor signs enough?

Do wet floor signs offer enough protection against slips in buildings?

wet floor signs

The HSE state that in one year slips, trips and falls resulted in 40 fatalities, 15,000 major injuries to workers and over 30,000 workers having to take more than three days off work. Prevention and suitable warning (such as wet floor signs) as well as regular risk assessment are all reasonable expectations of building managers.

Wet floor signs, although necessary, aren’t an attractive addition to your foyer when striving to create a visually pleasing customer experience, and they often cause a trip hazard themselves. Reducing the need to use wet floor signs is often a high priority so the customer experience and décor of the building isn’t compromised and to reduce the risk of them becoming a trip hazard.

You can have a solid cleaning procedure in place and undertake regular risk assessments but often a very prudent problem is overlooked………wet umbrellas.

On wet weather days the UK population become best friends with their umbrella, it travels with them everywhere, and as a result building managers are often faced with staff and visitors causing dangerous wet floors in their buildings from trailing water off of their umbrellas. What is your procedure for this? Is a wet floor sign enough, or would prevention tactics be preferable?

A simple solution to prevent wet floors from umbrellas being brought in to your building, is the brollymac range. Unlike wet floor signs the brollymac range is designed to sit neatly in your foyer or reception area. The units are available in a range of colours and there are a variety of options to suit every level of building footfall. The designs are varied too, ensuring there is something that will fit both modern and traditional interiors.

The brollymac range prevents risk, rather than just warn of risk (and often add to the risk as a trip hazard in the case of a floor standing sign). By preventing the risk you are reducing your need to display wet floor signage as a result of umbrellas being brought in to your building.

If you can offer customers and employees a solution to help them protect themselves and each other from risk, it places some of the responsibility in their hands. You will have offered a suitable solution and acted in a reasonable way in the eyes of Health and Safety Law by placing a brollymac wet umbrella wrapping solution in your building entrance or foyer.

Explore the brollymac range now and protect your customers from slips and trips caused by wet umbrellas and reduce the need for wet floor signs in your building. Or if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.