Workplace health and safety

Slips and trips in the workplace account for an alarming number of the major injuries experienced by an employer, 90% of which end in broken bones. Wet hard flooring is a major culprit in contributing to slips in the work place and this can happen for a variety of reasons. Poor cleaning processes, spillages and wet umbrellas being brought in from the elements outside are all contributing factors to creating hazardous wet floors.

The costs associated with slips and trips at work are substantial reaching more than £500 million per year, as well as the human suffering to those living with an injury as a result. The cost increases when the public experience a slip or trip in your building with legal actions being extremely damaging to the business.

Effective solutions are often very simple and cost effective to implement. The brollymac system has been described as exactly that and it’s solution to wrap wet umbrellas in the foyer of the building has dramatically reduced the risk of wet hard floor related injuries in our customers buildings.

The brollymac range is designed with products suitable for the huge variety of demands and buildings of our clients. From small public areas with low footfall to high traffic offices there is a wet umbrella wrapping solution that’s the perfect fit. Wall mounted, self-serve brolly bags right through to the brollymac umbrella wrapping system. Explore the range and discover the product best suited to your business and requirements.

workplace safety

HGI work with organisations who care for the welfare of their staff and visitors and who place importance on their workplace health and safety. Kew Gardens, HSBC, Arts Council England have all told us their brollymac story. Read more.

If you’d like advice on how to reduce the risk wet umbrellas pose to the health and safety in your workplace please contact us to discuss your requirements.