brollymac Wet Umbrella Stand

brollymac wet umbrella stand

Part of the brollymac™  range, the wet umbrella stand solution is ideal for small to medium footfall reception areas and foyers. Prevent hazardous slips and trips from wet hard flooring caused by umbrellas and protect your staff, visitors and furnishings from excess water caused by used umbrellas being brought in to your building.

The wet umbrella stand is an alternative method for bagging your umbrellas in the brollymac™ range. The brollymac™ wet umbrella stand is compact and easy to use allowing the customer to self serve the umbrella bag from the free standing unit.The compact size of the unit means it is the ideal option for the smaller venue designed to sit neatly in the entrance without taking up valuable floor space.

Customer research tells us that staff and visitors react well to the brollymac™ wet umbrella stand in the venues we have supplied and actively use the product without prompting or increased staff requirements, due to the simplicity of the design and ease of use.

The brollymac™ wet umbrella stand comes complete with an A4 signboard included allowing you to customise your message and include your company logo for increased brand awareness inside your venue.

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Stainless steel pole with centre ring and base cover

£105 per stand


Total Height 142 cm (including signboard)

Base Weight 4 kilos (a plastic shell containing iron sand)

Signboard: Plastic frame / A4 size