brollybag wet umbrella carrier bag


Introducing the

wet umbrella carrier bag

A new addition to our range is brollybag™ a simple ‘one size fits all’ wet umbrella carrier bag – the essential solution for small venues and a popular choice with our clients for use in foyers and cloakroom areas, in particular where clothes and precious belongings can be spoilt by the wet during special events and on wedding days.

We have listened to our customers who told us they were having problems with wet umbrellas in cloakroom areas and so we are proud to have been able to help by developing a solution and alternative to our brollymac wet umbrella wrapper - the question was...

"how can we stop the wet umbrellas from soaking visitors belongings in the cloakroom and avoid the "umbrella roulette" at the end of their visit"

So here it is, we have designed this new dispenser to cover all types of umbrellas from the telescopic to the golf with an easy to use and refill bag system and by offering the bags in smaller quantities of 1000 means if your footfall isn’t very high you don’t need to purchase large supplies.

This very affordable and popular product offers a simple tear-off bag for your visitors to take with them or leave with their belongings in the cloakroom – no more wet trails on your floors nor mismatched umbrellas for your customers - this is an absolute 'must have' for the discerning property owner - help your visitors have peace of mind!

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  • One Floor Standing Unit  £160.00
  • One wall unit  £49.00
  • Refill bags £60.00 per 1000


brollybag Wall Mounted Unit

  • 27 x 38 cm
  • Weight 700 grms

brollybag Floor Standing Unit

  • H106.5 x D32 x W31.5 cm
  • Weight 11.2 kgs

wet umbrella carrier bag refills (recyclable and opaque HDPE 18/20 micron)

  • 18 x 80 cm


  • Fits all size umbrellas
  • Each wall mounted or free standing units hold  500 bags
  • Quick and easy to replace bags