Eco Umbrella Dryer

Eco Umbrella Dryer

ECO Umbrella Dryer

We are excited to introduce this new solution to the problem of dripping umbrellas without the need of a plastic bag!

A new concept to control wet floors on rainy days - simply rub your wet umbrella along the insides of this unit and the micro fibre pads will remove the water and collect it in a container at the bottom of the unit (can hold 8.5 litres).

The unit holds the micro fibre pads against the inside walls with magnets so that they can  be removed to dry after the days use.

The pads can be placed on the outside of the unit which will dry fast overnight.

The unit is on wheels so that it can easily be moved into storage and returned to entrances during wet weather.

There is no electricity required and has wheels so that it can easily be moved.


Looking after our environment!