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NEW product to add to HGI's wet umbrella solutions


We are excited to be the suppliers of an alternative solution to the problem of wet floors from dripping wet umbrellas.

We are the first to bring this innovative product to the UK which will go some way to help the environment by removing the need of plastic bags. It does not require electricity, uses quick to drying micro fibre pads to soak up the water and, can be wheeled into position easily.

We've all been waiting for an alternative solution to the major plastics problem and for those companies who do not wish to use plastic bags this will fit the bill.

Of course we still love our brollymac and brollybag products, the bags are fully recyclable and suit most Clients needs avoiding slips trips and falls in entrances and foyers.

We have been supplying the brollymac range for 17 years and are proud of our track record and so now this is a new way forward which we believe will give another option to consider.

Follow this link to see the product details or Contact us 

Facilities Management best and worse case scenario

When it comes to facilities managers protecting customers and staff there’s a balance between striving for the best case scenario and facing the worst.

Best case scenario being that staff and customers follow the procedures put in place to protect themselves and no one slips or falls within the building as a result of the company. They observe wet floor signs and take caution, they don’t go in to coned off areas during cleaning and maintenance, you’ve fit anti- slip flooring and they use umbrella wrappers to prevent wet floors from brollies.

If every possible care is taken to ensure the safety of people within your building and the worst does happen…..Someone slips and falls, receives an injury and tries to sue the company, the business will have a greater case if you can demonstrate that recommended procedure was followed and that you offer products to prevent such instances (such as a brollymac wet umbrella wrapper).

The worst case scenario is obviously when someone falls and sustains an injury, sometimes through their own fault, and the lack of products or procedures in place means they could receive compensation if the company is taken to court. (costly litigation)

When planning the health and safety procedure for your building do you consider legal implications if someone were to have a fall? Do you offer sufficient protection against slips and trips? Would additional prevention tactics aid you in court if the worst case scenario did happen?

We’d love to hear the feedback from facilities managers on this one and whether Brollymac - wet umbrella wrapper would be a suitable solution practically to help prevent slips in buildings, but also strategically thinking about a court process.

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What's the weather doing?!

wet floor prevention

How has the adverse weather affected your building maintenance?

With the influx of rain that’s been dumped on the UK recently, and of course the snow in New York I was wondering what affect this might have had on the day-to-day running of your building or business? Have you experienced an increased need for cleaning to mop wet floors? Have you noticed that your floors have become slippery? What challenges have you been facing as a result?

An increase in adverse weather has led to a number of our customers noticing an increasing need for a procedure to protect their staff and customers from wet floors. The dump of rain on the UK has caused severe risk for some buildings managers in highly affected areas, making slip and fall accidents more likely, which can be costly.

Some have needed to employ cleaners to mop up excess surface water being brought in to the building from sodden umbrellas, others have set up a cloakroom facility, but there has also been a distinct increase in those seeking alternative methods.

The brollymac provides the ultimate solution to this problem and has already been adopted by some incredible venues such as National Galleries of Scotland , Bonhams, Design Museum,  NHS hospitals up and down the country with trials expected to run shortly and  enquiries from Europe and further afield it's popularity is soaring as a recognised solution.

There’s a brollymac solution for every size venue, from low footfall and small receptions to large well used foyers. It exists to protect your staff and visitors not only from wet floors during winters high rainfall, but throughout the year! Spring showers and soggy summer days too. Explore the Brollymac range for your business here.

Wishing all of our customers old and new a very Merry Christmas

Wet umbrella wrapping

We are proud to supply some of the Countries most influential organisations across our brollymac wet umbrella wrapping range.

This year has seen the demand for brollymac grow significantly and we thank our existing customers for helping us showcase the range in their often very impressive buildings. By adopting a product from this innovative and leading range they are demonstrating their forward thinking health, safety and facilities strategy to other businesses who are starting to realise the financial and safety benefits these solutions provide

We thank you for making our visit to your organisation a safer and more enjoyable experience and we thank you for leading the way in protecting your staff and visitors safety from slips as a result of wet floors.

We are excited for what 2016 has to offer and wish all of our customers old, new and future a successful year ahead.

We are committed to providing products that offer solutions to our customers needs so if you are seeking a solution to a specific issue in your building or venue then please do get in touch to help us develop more products to suit your requirements. 

Brollybag for small venues.

Just because your venue is small doesn’t mean it isn’t busy!

High traffic reception areas can pose a hazardous threat to your customers and staff during wet weather if you are a big or small venue. So when visitors bring dripping umbrellas in to the building how do you prevent slips and accidents caused by a slippery wet floor? Many small venues have now discovered brollybag, the ideal solution for reception areas where maximising space is key.

Unlike our other products in the range, brollybag is tailored to suit smaller venues, but offer the same superior protection you would expect from a quality brollymac product.

The brollybag can be free standing as it is very compact (just 106.5 cm High x 31.5cm Wide), holding the umbrella bags in an attractive yet functional solution to the age old problem of wet hard floors. If space really is very limited you may like to opt for a wall mounted option to further save on floor space.

Providing customers and staff with a solid solution to the problem posed by wet umbrellas and hard floors shows that as a business and employer you care about the welfare of your staff and visitors. So, not only is the brollybag functional, practical and providing a safety solution in your venue, but it’s an excellent marketing tool to showcase your corporate social responsibility.

Read about how a brollymac or brollybag can save you money in this previous blog

We ask the question, are wet floor signs enough?

Discover more about brollybag.

Expand your product range with Cafe Barriers

Flag makers, sign makers, banner maker’s, gain more customers with this new product

barrier hardware

New product development is important in any business, continually being aware of new products or services that your company could offer in order to reach new markets or encourage additional custom should be part of any growing business strategy.

As a business that prints signs, flag or banners there is a simple and lucrative add-on product that your business could benefit from.

Café barriers

You will have seen café barriers at many venues in your local high street. They are designed to create an al-fresco drinking, dining or smoking area and provide the business with additional capacity/seating as well as extra opportunity to promote their brand.

An increasing number of venues are seeking café barriers as the popularity of al-fresco drinking and dining increases, and this could become a lucrative way of increasing sales in your printed sign, banner or flag business. By gaining the interest of new customers for café barriers, it also opens the door for you to make these new customers aware of your other products or product lines.

Where can I source good quality hardware for making café barriers?

HG Imports provide the hardware systems needed to turn a banner in to a café barrier. The HGI café barrier solution uses top end hardware, matching the quality of your banners and flags, to ensure the end product is sturdy, durable, weather resistant and easy to manoeuvre.

Using high grade stainless steel to create the posts and a variety of crossbar widths you can help your customers create a bespoke solution to suit their space. Choose a premium café barrier with twin crossbars, or a bungee fastening alternative.

Discover more about HG Imports and our café barrier solution to increase your product offering.

Facilities Budgets and how Brollymac could save you money

Facilities cost savings

facilities cost saving

If your current facilities strategy for preventing wet floor slips from umbrellas being brought through your building involves cleaning staff manning your entrance. We have some info for you which could lead you to some serious cost savings. Reduce your facilities budget significantly.

And if you haven’t got a strategy for this eventuality you really must consider one. The rate of workplace slips and trips has reached a staggering 30,000 workers in just one year!

Of course, this is something you’ll need to work out specifically for your facilities budget, but we’ll give you the methods and some examples which should give you a good idea as to how a brollymac system could be saving you £££’s.

The cost saving varies depending on your location too, so we’ve given a few UK examples for comparison.

London –

Total wet weather days for 2014 in London was 186.

Average cost of a commercial cleaner in London is £12.00 per hour.

Approx. cost to prevent accidents from wet floors as a result of umbrellas being brought into the building based upon 1 cleaners used for 1 entrance on an 8 hour day – £17,856 per year out of your facilities budget.

Birmingham –

Total wet weather days for 2014 in Birmingham was 131.

Average cost of a commercial cleaner in Birmingham is £9.25 per hour.

Approx. cost to prevent accidents from wet floors as a result of umbrellas being brought into the building based upon 1 cleaners used for 1 entrance on an 8 hour day – £9,694 per year out of your facilities budget.

Manchester –

Total wet weather days for 2014 in Manchester was 151.

Average cost of a commercial cleaner in Manchester is £9.50 per hour.

Approx. cost to prevent accidents from wet floors as a result of umbrellas being brought into the building based upon 1 cleaners used for 1 entrance on an 8 hour day – £11,476 per year out of your facilities budget.

Liverpool –

Total wet weather days for 2014 in Liverpool was 144.

Average cost of a commercial cleaner in Liverpool is £9.50 per hour.

Approx. cost to prevent accidents from wet floors as a result of umbrellas being brought into the building based upon 1 cleaners used for 1 entrance on an 8 hour day – £10,944 per year out of your facilities budget.

Glasgow –

Total wet weather days for 2014 in Glasgow was 170.

Average cost of a commercial cleaner in Glasgow is £9.00 per hour.

Approx. cost to prevent accidents from wet floors as a result of umbrellas being brought into the building based upon 1 cleaners used for 1 entrance on an 8 hour day – £10,944 out of your facilities budget.

Now, there are a variety of brollymac products in the range depending on your building’s footfall, but for comparison purposes we have used the brollymac wet umbrella wrapping system, our most costly unit, better suited to high footfall areas such as museums, galleries, shopping centres and airports.

The cost for one brollymac unit plus 5x cartons of bags (18,000 long umbrellas and 8,000 short umbrellas) £945.00 

So as you can see the savings, even in the first year are dramatic, around a £10,000 saving in your facilities budget. This is while reducing the need for unattractive wet floor signs, offering customers an innovative product to help them protect themselves and others and protecting staff and visitors to your building from slips as a result of wet umbrellas.

Explore the brollymac range and discover a solution right for your venue and start making savings in your facilities budget now. 

Showcasing brollymac and launching brollybag at The Independent Hotel Show 2015

Independent Hotel Show

We’re thrilled to be joining hundreds of top businesses showcasing at this year’s Independent Hotel Show. It will be our first outing to demo brollymac at a trade show, and we’ll also be using it to debut our latest design – brollybag.

It’s exciting stuff and we can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks of our new product!

We’ve developed brollybag as part of the brollymac range for lower footfall areas, or foyers with limited space. The unit is a cheaper alternative too, which will open brollymac products up to a new market of smaller venues.

We chose the Independent Hotel Show to debut brollybag because boutique hotels are among some of our top customers for the brollymac range. We wanted to maximise on the opportunity to meet independent hoteliers from across the Country at a well-attended and respected annual event.

Hundreds of hotels up and down the Country use brollymac in their reception foyer to protect staff and visitors against wet floor accidents and we want to continue to spread the word and offer helpful advice on improving health and safety.

So, if you’re coming along to the Independent Hotel Show on 20-21 October at London Olympia then please make sure to come and give us a wave on stand 303 where we’ll be running a competition to win a brollymac umbrella wrapping system with bags.

To find out more about the Independent Hotel Show and to register to attend please visit

Are wet floor signs enough?

Do wet floor signs offer enough protection against slips in buildings?

wet floor signs

The HSE state that in one year slips, trips and falls resulted in 40 fatalities, 15,000 major injuries to workers and over 30,000 workers having to take more than three days off work. Prevention and suitable warning (such as wet floor signs) as well as regular risk assessment are all reasonable expectations of building managers.

Wet floor signs, although necessary, aren’t an attractive addition to your foyer when striving to create a visually pleasing customer experience, and they often cause a trip hazard themselves. Reducing the need to use wet floor signs is often a high priority so the customer experience and décor of the building isn’t compromised and to reduce the risk of them becoming a trip hazard.

You can have a solid cleaning procedure in place and undertake regular risk assessments but often a very prudent problem is overlooked………wet umbrellas.

On wet weather days the UK population become best friends with their umbrella, it travels with them everywhere, and as a result building managers are often faced with staff and visitors causing dangerous wet floors in their buildings from trailing water off of their umbrellas. What is your procedure for this? Is a wet floor sign enough, or would prevention tactics be preferable?

A simple solution to prevent wet floors from umbrellas being brought in to your building, is the brollymac range. Unlike wet floor signs the brollymac range is designed to sit neatly in your foyer or reception area. The units are available in a range of colours and there are a variety of options to suit every level of building footfall. The designs are varied too, ensuring there is something that will fit both modern and traditional interiors.

The brollymac range prevents risk, rather than just warn of risk (and often add to the risk as a trip hazard in the case of a floor standing sign). By preventing the risk you are reducing your need to display wet floor signage as a result of umbrellas being brought in to your building.

If you can offer customers and employees a solution to help them protect themselves and each other from risk, it places some of the responsibility in their hands. You will have offered a suitable solution and acted in a reasonable way in the eyes of Health and Safety Law by placing a brollymac wet umbrella wrapping solution in your building entrance or foyer.

Explore the brollymac range now and protect your customers from slips and trips caused by wet umbrellas and reduce the need for wet floor signs in your building. Or if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.


Health and Safety for Osteoporosis

Raising awareness of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a big concern affecting more than 3 million people in the UK alone. The NHS recorded that more than 300,000 people every year are treated for fragility fractures (caused from a standing height or less) as a result of osteoporosis. In this article we explore ways organisations and venues can prepare their properties to better prevent accidents which could be highly damaging to those suffering with this condition to improve their health and safety.

What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis literally means ‘porous bones’ and is often referred to as the fragile bone disease. Osteoporosis occurs when the struts which make up the mesh-like structure within bones become thin, causing bones to become fragile and break easily, often following a minor bump or fall. Although fractures can occur in different parts of the body, the wrists, hips and spine are most commonly affected. People living with Osteoporosis must be very cautious as a small slip could cause a very painful fracture.

What can be done to help?

Sufferers of Osteoporosis go to great lengths at home to remove or reduce risk of a slip, trip or fall by opting for carpeted floors which won’t become slippery, fitting steady hand rails for going up and down stairs, removing loose rugs, trailing cables and trip hazards as well as have regular hearing and eye tests to ensure their balance isn’t compromised. But, becoming house bound is not the ideal solution to minimise risk. There are some small things that can be done to improve your building’s health and safety to help the 3 million sufferers of Osteoporosis in the UK.

  • Be conscientious and if there isn’t a clear path way through your building, create one. Minimise the risk of trip due to an over cluttered entrance or reception area.
  • If you have a split level space, ample warning to ‘Mind the Step’ will help avoid trips if the step goes unnoticed.
  • If you have hard flooring in your building it is essential to make sure it stays dry and doesn’t become slippery through heavy rainfall, wet umbrellas, spillages and cleaning procedure. Active and quick clean-up of spills as well as entry mats provide some solution to the problem.
  • Umbrellas pose a significant risk as they are carried through the building trailing water as they go, creating a significant slip hazard which could be devastating to someone with Osteoporosis.

The simple solution to wet umbrellas is brollymac – The range has been developed since 2002 and includes an umbrella wrapping or umbrella bagging solution for every venue size and type who have hard flooring and visitors who may enter the building with wet umbrellas.

The cost to implement brollymac in to your building is very low and can save you £1000’s in litigation and compensation.

The brollymac has been recognised by other customers to have improved customer satisfaction. Read a client case study.

“Customers love using the brollymac system and respect that we take their safety seriously”

Discover the brollymac range and take a step towards to securing your staff and visitors safety.