Brollybag for small venues.

Just because your venue is small doesn’t mean it isn’t busy!

High traffic reception areas can pose a hazardous threat to your customers and staff during wet weather if you are a big or small venue. So when visitors bring dripping umbrellas in to the building how do you prevent slips and accidents caused by a slippery wet floor? Many small venues have now discovered brollybag, the ideal solution for reception areas where maximising space is key.

Unlike our other products in the range, brollybag is tailored to suit smaller venues, but offer the same superior protection you would expect from a quality brollymac product.

The brollybag can be free standing as it is very compact (just 106.5 cm High x 31.5cm Wide), holding the umbrella bags in an attractive yet functional solution to the age old problem of wet hard floors. If space really is very limited you may like to opt for a wall mounted option to further save on floor space.

Providing customers and staff with a solid solution to the problem posed by wet umbrellas and hard floors shows that as a business and employer you care about the welfare of your staff and visitors. So, not only is the brollybag functional, practical and providing a safety solution in your venue, but it’s an excellent marketing tool to showcase your corporate social responsibility.

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