HSBC brollymac Case Study

Our client at HSBC Bank PLC tells us how the brollymac solution improves the health and safety at their headquarters in London.

"Our London offices are over 2000 square feet and with more than 10,000 employees plus visitors coming in to the building everyday it is paramount that health and safety is a priority. We first obtained the brollymac system in 2012 and it’s extremely well used by our staff and visitors. On rainy days our security team direct all of our staff and visitors to the umbrella wrapping system located at both of the main entrances to ensure our hard flooring remains dry and safe.

Without the brollymac system the potential for serious wet floor related injury in our building is huge.

We have always been very happy with the service we have received from HG Imports and the process for ordering replacement bags is simple and fast helping us to remain a safe environment for staff and visitors."

HSBC Chose the brollymac umbrella wrapping system which is ideal for high traffic areas or buildings with a larger footfall.

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