Facilities Management best and worse case scenario

When it comes to facilities managers protecting customers and staff there’s a balance between striving for the best case scenario and facing the worst.

Best case scenario being that staff and customers follow the procedures put in place to protect themselves and no one slips or falls within the building as a result of the company. They observe wet floor signs and take caution, they don’t go in to coned off areas during cleaning and maintenance, you’ve fit anti- slip flooring and they use umbrella wrappers to prevent wet floors from brollies.

If every possible care is taken to ensure the safety of people within your building and the worst does happen…..Someone slips and falls, receives an injury and tries to sue the company, the business will have a greater case if you can demonstrate that recommended procedure was followed and that you offer products to prevent such instances (such as a brollymac wet umbrella wrapper).

The worst case scenario is obviously when someone falls and sustains an injury, sometimes through their own fault, and the lack of products or procedures in place means they could receive compensation if the company is taken to court. (costly litigation)

When planning the health and safety procedure for your building do you consider legal implications if someone were to have a fall? Do you offer sufficient protection against slips and trips? Would additional prevention tactics aid you in court if the worst case scenario did happen?

We’d love to hear the feedback from facilities managers on this one and whether Brollymac - wet umbrella wrapper would be a suitable solution practically to help prevent slips in buildings, but also strategically thinking about a court process.

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