Expand your product range with Cafe Barriers

Flag makers, sign makers, banner maker’s, gain more customers with this new product

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New product development is important in any business, continually being aware of new products or services that your company could offer in order to reach new markets or encourage additional custom should be part of any growing business strategy.

As a business that prints signs, flag or banners there is a simple and lucrative add-on product that your business could benefit from.

Café barriers

You will have seen café barriers at many venues in your local high street. They are designed to create an al-fresco drinking, dining or smoking area and provide the business with additional capacity/seating as well as extra opportunity to promote their brand.

An increasing number of venues are seeking café barriers as the popularity of al-fresco drinking and dining increases, and this could become a lucrative way of increasing sales in your printed sign, banner or flag business. By gaining the interest of new customers for café barriers, it also opens the door for you to make these new customers aware of your other products or product lines.

Where can I source good quality hardware for making café barriers?

HG Imports provide the hardware systems needed to turn a banner in to a café barrier. The HGI café barrier solution uses top end hardware, matching the quality of your banners and flags, to ensure the end product is sturdy, durable, weather resistant and easy to manoeuvre.

Using high grade stainless steel to create the posts and a variety of crossbar widths you can help your customers create a bespoke solution to suit their space. Choose a premium café barrier with twin crossbars, or a bungee fastening alternative.

Discover more about HG Imports and our café barrier solution to increase your product offering.