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Eco Umbrella Dryer   A NEW product to add to HGI's wet umbrella solutions   We are excited to be the suppliers of an alternative solution to the problem of wet floors from dripping wet umbrellas. We are the first... read more »

Facilities Management best and worse case scenario

When it comes to facilities managers protecting customers and staff there’s a balance between striving for the best case scenario and facing the worst. Best case scenario being that staff and customers follow the procedures put in place to protect themselves and no one slips or falls within... read more »

What's the weather doing?!

How has the adverse weather affected your building maintenance? With the influx of rain that’s been dumped on the UK recently, and of course the snow in New York I was wondering what affect this might have had on... read more »

Brollybag for small venues.

Just because your venue is small doesn’t mean it isn’t busy! High traffic reception areas can pose a hazardous threat to your customers and staff during wet weather if you are a big or small venue. So when visitors bring dripping umbrellas in to the building how do you prevent... read more »

Are wet floor signs enough?

Do wet floor signs offer enough protection against slips in buildings? The HSE state that in one year slips, trips and falls resulted in 40 fatalities, 15,000 major injuries to workers and over 30,000 workers having to take... read more »

Health and Safety for Osteoporosis

Raising awareness of Osteoporosis Osteoporosis is a big concern affecting more than 3 million people in the UK alone. The NHS recorded that more than 300,000 people every year are treated for fragility fractures (caused from a standing height or less) as a result of osteoporosis. In this article we... read more »

A problem with stone flooring and umbrellas

This customer saw a significant problem with their stone flooring and umbrellas, so they investigated wet umbrella wrapping solutions online. Here's how brollymac has helped them overcome this potentially hazardous problem. Our building has beautiful natural stone floors in the main entrance foyer and we... read more »

Workplace health and safety

Slips and trips in the workplace account for an alarming number of the major injuries experienced by an employer, 90% of which end in broken bones. Wet hard flooring is a major culprit in contributing to slips in the work place and this can happen for a variety of... read more »

The Hive, Manchester brollymac Case Study

We spoke with the facilities manager at Arts Council England  The Hive in Manchester about their brollymac system. Here's why they chose the brollymac system for their venue. "We were looking for a product that would protect the floors in... read more »