brollybags™ A simple ‘one size fits all’ carrier style wet umbrella wrapper. This concept is popular with Mueums, theatres and Boutique hotels - use in your cloakroom areas to stores with your customer belongings Ask us about printed bags for your up and coming events!
Pavement Cafe Barriers Configure your outside space to suit the growing café culture with our smart barrier system. High quality stainless steel café posts with a stylish banner of superior graphics will help to build brand awareness.
HQueuebarriers™ The popular HQueue 360̊ queue barrier range has a built-in safety release mechanism High quality, well engineered, retractable and customisable queue barriers, essential where queue control is necessary.

Premium Health and Safety Products 

Our best seller, brollymac™ wet umbrella wrapper, is the best product on the market, and will keep your customers safe and floors dry to improve the health and safety at your venue.

Our new wet umbrella brollybags™ are dispensed neatly from a wall or free standing unit, a simple solution designed to improve the health and safety for your or smaller venue or cloakroom.

A popular choice for venues with cloakrooms is the brollymac™ umbrella stand for safe and effective umbrella storage.

SPECIAL OFFERS AVAILABLE - See our high quality stainless steel queue barriers, HQueuebarriers™ have a flexible connection feature with a safety release mechanism, and our stylish Pavement Café Barriers can be customised with your company logo and colours.